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Grown on a deep passion for the art of authentic pit BBQ, high quality and consistency standards and the unwavering commitment to provide an outstanding dining experience, Slick's has grown rapidly with support from thousands of people that have become part of the extended Slick's family.

Slick's Que Co. was started in the Central Oregon western-style town of Sisters by Roy and Kim Slicker in what many considered to be the toughest economic conditions seen in a very long time. Roy had been operating a very successful and fast-growing catering business called The Left Handed Chef. He had also been spending a lot of time traveling and hanging out with a new tribe of BBQ friends and gurusin Texas and the South. In early 2009, after being elected to the Board of Directors of the National BBQ Association (first as VP to represent the 10 Western states and then NBBQA President), and receiving a good hard kick from all his new friends, Roy decided it was time for the Pacific Northwest to experience real Authentic Pit BBQ. But there was a catch: to open in 45 days for Spring Break.

With Roy's passion and energy, he was able to achieve his new dream: the flagship restaurant in Sisters opened on May 20, 2009, just 28 days after the signing of the lease. Word-of-mouth spread and soon people were coming from all over the West to try the "Que". Check out the testimonials! Slick's Que Co. has utilized the knowledge gained from years of "research" that's traveling 25,000 to 30,000 miles around the country each year, visiting hundreds of BBQ joints big and small, hanging out with some of the best in the business, spreading the NBBQA good word, helping other business owners, and drawing from some amazing techniques and styles.

Roy created his own BBQ sauces, rubs and BBQ wines, including Slick's brisket, tri-tip, pork and chicken rubs, the sauces; Original and CaroTexaHot, and his BBQ wines; Smokey White and Beefy Red - the prefect fit to great BBQ. Developing his own special flavor profile was top priority. One of the things that makes Slick's Que Co. so special is the dynamic flavors created that contrast each other but blend so well into what Roy calls "A Rodeo in Your Mouth!"  Roy's whole idea around his flavor profiles is to create a menu that delivers a very outstanding and flavor experience with every menu item.  Come check it out - see what immersing yourself in the culture of BBQ will do for your taste buds!

Come check out Slick's Que Co for yourself - see what immersing yourself in the culture of BBQ will do for your taste buds!