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Smoking Methods

Slick's methods were learned from the legends of barbeque in the South, mid-West and Texas. Pitmaster Roy Slicker uses Washington State apple wood, hand-selected for its moisture and perfect flavor, and pecan wood from the South for a smooth and buttery finish.

Our meats were cooked in the traditional BBQ style - "Low and Slow" over split wood, meaning they were cooked at a very low temperature for a very long time (16-18 hours).

While we won't tell you all our secrets, we will tell you this: don't clog your meat with too much rub and don't rub it much either. Sprinkle the seasoning on; let it sit for a few hours. Then put it fat-side-up in your cooker and let it go. The real key to great BBQ is keeping a consistent temperature in your smoker over a longer period of time so that Colagen breaks down (making meat tender) and Fat melts (making meat moist).