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1953 NAA Ford Golden Jubilee Tractor

The Tractor

In our Sisters restaurant, we have a very special addition to the dacor: a 1953 NAA Ford Golden Jubilee Tractor that belonged to Kim's father before he passed away in 2009. Ford only made this model for one year to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Kim's father Jake insisted that we keep the tractor in the family. Only problem was that it was in Winthrop, Maine and it wasn't running at all. Well, good reason for a road trip with Charlie for some BBQ!

In October, 2009, Roy drove from Oregon to Maine via Canada, and brought the tractor home. It was completely restored in 4 months and put in the Sisters Rodeo Parade, where it won 2nd place! The tractor now sits, with 1 hour on its meter, in honor of Jacob Ham, a great man!