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Come try the sandwiches people are raving about: Our melt in your mouth Pulled Pork, our famous Burnt Ends, tender and juicy Smoked Turkey and the Brisket that just screams Like a Rodeo in Your Mouth! 
Served on a large, warm corn-dusted bun, we load em up with nearly a 1/2 pound of meat and serve it with our freshly made scrumptious sides. We don't mix in or flood our sandwiches with BBQ sauce, or any other additives or thinners. If you want sauce, that's fine, that's your business. Our Original or CaroTexaHot sauces are always available warm and self-serve. Whether you like your BBQ "wet" or "dry," we always want you to experience the amazing flavors of the meat blended with our own rubs and slow smoked for many hours.